What is a Community Supported Fishery (CSF)?

Inspired by the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) movement, this concept is both new and old: reconnecting to the food we eat and the environment that provides it by buying food directly from the people that raise or catch it.  It is also new in that it involves a more conscious choice to know and support local, organic and small-scale food systems, and independent farmers, ranchers and fishermen.  Independent food producers working directly with consumers can demonstrate greater transparency and control over the quality of food and sustainability of harvest methods to benefit the environment and human health.  Applied to fisheries, sustainable fishing methods is a foremost concern, but a commitment to environmental and community issues is also demonstrated by fishermen and their customers.  As in the CSA model, customers often pre-order for the year to receive packages of food when it's in season. This assists fishermen in knowing they have a market for their product, apart from that provided by the larger seafood industry.  This also improves economics for producers, small businesses and local communities by allowing the true value of their efforts to trickle down to them.  Through this connection between producers and consumers, both sides work together to incorporate more than just dollars and cents into the bottom line of food production.  At Alaska Salmon CSF, we commit to principles of CSF through:


Our Structure

  1. We establish a transparent chain of custody from boat to plate.  Customers know when, where and how their fish were caught and processed.
  2. We increase access to wild, sustainable salmon to a broader customer market than is currently available.  Many people in the US do not have access to Alaskan or wild salmon and instead are offered salmon (often farmed) whose origin and harvest methods are unknown or are of environmental concern.  Throughout the US, we provide individuals, families, and community groups the ability to directly purchase wild Alaska salmon from a known entity that is accountable to them.
  3. We allow an open line of communication between us and the consumer to ensure we work together to steward marine resources.


Our Bottom Line

  • Environmental Stewardship:
  1. We use sustainable fishing methods and work consistently to reduce by-catch of unwanted species and detrimental interactions with other marine species and their habitats.
  2. We cooperate with salmon managers and researchers to provide information on health of wild populations.
  3. We donate 1% of profits to salmon conservation groups, and promote awareness of issues concerning health of salmon populations.
  4. We participate in local salmon conservation by volunteering with habitat restoration, political activism and education that promotes salmon conservation in Southeast Alaska.  
  • Happy and loyal customers: We strive to produce the best and freshest product for our customers, ensuring them of quality and sustainability in the salmon they consume.