Ordering and Pricing

We provide pre-paid packages for individuals, families or community groups to receive July-September by Fed-ex Overnight Priority to your door, or for airport pick-up to many major cities for significant savings on shipping costs. With your package, you will be informed where and when your fish were caught.   We encourage you to sign up in advance to ensure your order for the up-coming year.  


Prices for silver salmon packages (not including shipping) start at $13.99 per lb for fillet, $11.65 per lb for steak, $9.50 per lb for whole fish, with discounts for larger orders.


Group and Larger Orders Offer the Best Value

Because freight charges are significant for orders < 25 lbs, group ordering provides the best value to our customers.  We are especially happy to work with farmers markets, co-ops and CSA's to deliver to organized groups.  This is also significantly reduces packaging waste.  Please contact your CSA or co-op today or contact us to see if we are working with any in your area.  Our packages are sized assuming a weekly serving at 6 ounces per serving per person.  Packages over 20 lbs may be custom sized with prices dropping at the following increments:

Silver salmon packages

6-month package, 2-people (20 lb): $280 fillet, $235 steak, $190 whole fish*

6-month package, 4-people (40 lb): $545 fillet, $450 steak, $370 whole fish*

6-month package, 10-people (100 lb):  $1315 fillet, $1095 steak, $895 whole fish*

*Alaska special*, whole fish - dressed, head-off

Silver salmon $/lb, in season 

(10 - 20 lb order, 10 lb minimum)

$14.40 per lb fillet

$12.00 per lb steak

King salmon

Availability for this species is limited.  Please inform us of your desired order for king salmon so we may put you on our list of contacts after the summer season opens in early July.   We expect price per lb for king (not including shipping) will start at $20.99 for fillet, $18.99 for steak and $15.99 for whole fish, for package orders.


Place Your Order

  1. Choose a package size with quantity as number of packages.  
  2. Or choose "By the lb", based on the total pounds you will place for your order (minimum 10 lbs), and enter the pounds in the quantity box.
  3. To see shipping costs and options (from 10 - 200 lbs):  click "purchase".  After entering your name and contact information you will see shipping information. 

  4. You may then proceed to place your order on-line by credit card.

  5. Or.... save your order information and CONTACT US  for any assistance (to pre-order and delay payment until your order ships, to pay by another method, to mix steaks and fillets in a single order, or to order >200 lbs).  

  6. Shipping via the airport pickup option: this option serves many major cities. Please see if your city is served here:  AIRPORT LIST

  7. We provide 1 - 1.5 lb portions for fillets.  Please let us know if you'd like a different size of fillet.

Silver salmon packages
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