Ordering and Pricing


We provide pre-paid packages of frozen silver salmon fillets for individuals, families or community groups to receive July-September by FedEx Overnight Priority to your door. To many large US cities, we can also ship via Alaska Airlines Air Cargo to save shipping costs.  With your package, you will be informed of where and when your fish were caught.  Your fish will be caught only days before shipping to you to provide exceptional freshness.   Our first shipment in 2015 will likely be in the first 2 weeks of August.  Please contact us directly to place orders for this summer.  We will notify customers in advance of their shipment, and the day the order is shipped, providing a FedEx tracking number. 


Larger orders offer the best value (so get a group together for a large order!):  Prices for salmon packages (not including shipping) are $13.99 per lb for 20 lbs, $12.99 per lb for 40 lbs, and $10.99 per lb for 100 lbs.  Your fish will be individually vacuum-sealed as ~1 lb fillets (2 large servings).


Silver salmon packages

3-month package, 2-people (20 lb): $13.99/lb, ~$440 with  FedEx shipping

3-month package, 4-people (40 lb): $12.99/lb, ~$775 with  FedEx shipping

3-month package, 10-people (100 lb):  $10.99/lb, ~$1750 with FedEx shipping


King salmon

Availability for this species is limited.  Please inform us of your desired order for king salmon so we may put you on our list of contacts after the summer season opens in early July.   NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE IN 2015.


Please read this important FedEx shipping information before ordering:  Customers will have to check the status of their shipment through the FedEx website with the tracking number we provide to them.  It is essential that customers are present at the "Ship To" address to receive this perishable product and delivery times cannot be scheduled.  If shipping a gift, our customers will have to contact the receiving party of the seafood delivery.  Neither Alaska Salmon CSF nor FedEx will contact the recipient to schedule delivery.  But please let us know at ordering time if your order is a gift and the name and address of the recipient.  Apartment building deliveries will be left with doormen or office if available.  Correct and current "Ship To" address is our customer's responsibility.  Physical addresses only, no PO or APO can be accepted.  Once an order has shipped, a change of address will delay your perishable order an extra day.  Neither Alaska Salmon CSF nor FedEx will accept liability for shipments delayed due to incorrect or change of address while in transit.  If your shipment is delayed, please contact your FedEx office first and provide them with tracking number and information.  Then contact us at 907-303-0145. However, we will only be able to help reconcile lost or thawed deliveries once we return to port which can take up to 2 weeks.