My name is James King.I have lived in Alaska for over 15 years.  I arrived here in my 20's to work as a wildlife biologist with various private firms and government agencies, researching wildlife populations in the high Arctic and marine species throughout the state.  I have a passion for wildlife and their conservation, especially a love of the oceans and the life in them.   Knowing where food and energy come from and harvesting it wisely are meaningful aspects of  my life. Trolling for salmon is a new venture that allows me to be out on the beautiful waters of northern Southeast Alaska, and to participate in a unique fishery made up of independent, small-boat owners who must know salmon and their habitats intimately to ensure their catch.  I operate the F/V ("fishing vessel") Zaba.  "Zaba" is polish for frog, a good luck totem to fishermen.  I cherish the opportunity to share ym fish and the experience of knowing their habitats and ways with  customers.